The Coffee Run offers cheap affordable
fitness in your local park

The complete supervised Coffee Run 6 week 5k training programme will cost you £90 when you pay in full at the start of the course. Or turn up on a pay as you go basis at  £9 a session.

“A wonderful way to keep fit in the open air,meet new friends & get to sample all the delightful coffee shops in the area” Lynn, 64

You will receive support from local Hackney Personal Trainer Carole O’Leary throughout the 6 week course, offering advise on your running technique, providing motivation during sessions, and with the option of having your measurements taken at the start of the course so you can record any weight or inches lost over the course.

Carole will also support you through a range of strength exercises and stretches to improve your posture, tone,  flexibility and running form.

You will also have access to Carole via email to answer any of your individual needs or concerns.

For more information or to book your place contact Carole on 07595 733150 or email




One Response to Cheap Fitness in Hackney

  1. Anita Vallance says:

    Am I too late to join you tomorrow 16/04/2018? RSVP
    Thanks Anita

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