Train for a 5k in 6 weeks

Coffee Run Hackney; the friendly social running group

Coffee Run Hackney is a social running group based in Hackney E9.

Social running group hackney

Coffee runners completing the 5k Parkrun on Hackney Marshes. All finished in under 35 mins after just 6 weeks training.

We meet twice a week on Monday and Wednesday for 6 weeks during term time.

Since starting the group complete beginners have gone on to run 5k, 10k, half marathons and marathons!

Coffee Run Hackney now offers two groups Beginner and a mixed ability.

The beginner sessions are ideal for those new to running, or coming back to running from a long break. If you think you are too fat, too unfit or too old to start running; this group is here to  prove you wrong!

The mixed ability sessions are ideal for anyone that has already attended the Beginners course or who can already run for 20 minutes continually that wants to train in a fin supportive and social group to improve their running technique, core strength and aerobic ability.

The Beginner Group

When: From  04/06/19
Tuesday and Thursday 09.30am
Where: St Margaret’s House, Old Ford Rd
Price: £90 or £72 for concessions

In just 6 weeks local Hackney Personal Trainer Carole O’Leary will train you from complete beginner to finishing a timed 5k race.
The programme offers a gradual progression, with two organised runs a week and a third as homework to be completed before the following week’s sessions.

Carole will take you through strength training exercises and stretches to improve your posture, tone and flexibility.
Sessions finish with the group heading off to a local coffee shop (hence the name ‘Coffee Run’) giving participants a chance to relax and socialise with their co-runners. Making it a great way to lose weight, get fit and meet new people in your area.
At the end of the 6 week 5k training programme the group meets at Mile End Stadium to complete a timed 5k Parkrun.

“A wonderful way to keep fit in the open air,meet new friends & get to sample all the delightful coffee shops in the area” Lynn 64

Beginners running group Hackney

Imogen & Lucy atfer completing their first 5k Parkrun


The Mixed Ability Group

When: From 10/09/18
Monday and Wednesday 09.20am
Where: Well St Common
Price: £90 or £72 for concessions

The mixed ability group will focus on building core strength working on running form and using training drills / techniques to build stamina and endurance.

This group will be training toward entering the Hackney Half Marathon 2019 for those that want to continue termly through 2018/2019.

To book your place or find out more contact Carole on 07595 733150 or email